Hello Family,

It's been some time, I know. But if you permit me I will explain.
I have been busy spinning so many plates. (there was a crashing sound or two to be heard :-D )

I completed an eight week notice period and handover from a full time career.
Whilst still home educating my two youngest children, preparing my eldest son for university, and my eldest daughter for 6th form. 
I began expanding and developing my business, networking, filling in the gaps in my knowledge of social media by learning all the jargon like:

ASMR: This stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”. ASMR is a popular search on YouTube. The videos are typically about soft, calming sounds to assist with sleeping, meditation or study.

Challenges: Ever heard of the #bottlecapchallenge? These challenges are driven by social media and are popular on Tiktok and Instagram

GRWM: “Get Ready With Me”. These are videos of the creator getting ready for something. These videos are usually done live so the person can chat to their followers while they get ready.

Hauls: Haul videos are when a creator shows their followers a bunch of things they’ve recently got. Large influencers often do “Haul Videos” to show what they’ve been given by brands and sponsors.

OOTD: “Outfit of the day” – this is used on Instagram so people can show their followers what they’re wearing.

Internet acronyms and slang

F:  Following. People comment “F” when they want to follow a post but don’t want to comment anything else.

NIL: Next in line is used on Facebook buy and sell groups. If an item has been sold, someone can write NIL if the buyer pulls out.

DAE: Does anyone else. This is a term used when people share something embarrassing.

ELI5: Explain like I’m 5. This basically means explain it to me with the easiest explanation possible.

FTFY: “Fixed that for you” means that someone has fixed an error you made on a post.

LEL: A satirical abbreviation of lol – laugh out loud.

YEET:  means to be very happy about something. It’s also a popular dance move.

THIRSTY:  No, we don’t want a glass of water. Thirsty is slang for being very interested in another person.

Digital Marketing Jargon

Content: The digital material available to users, via text, video, audio, images, etc

Conversion/Goal:  The action you want visitors to perform.

Conversion optimisation: ­ The process of increasing the percentage of visitors who complete your goals.

Crawler: A program designed to systematically browse content on the Internet and collect information about it to help searchers find what they’re looking for.

Impressions: The number of times an advert is shown.

Paid listings: ­ Advertisements that appear on search engines results pages.

Pay-per-click: ­ An advertising system in which advertisers pay for users to click on their advertisements.

Traffic acquisition: ­ The process of attracting visitors ­ often referred to as traffic­ to websites and mobile apps.

Unique visitor: A single visitor to a website during a specific period of time.


This is still very much a work in progress when you are not a Millennial. Lol.
In addition to all this I have experienced death and bereavement. I have embarked on a new course of study. Speaking internationally, hosting house guests, all while still doing meal planning, laundry & being 'Mum' at all times.

But this is the life of a working mother, on a mission, who is conditioned to believe, you must never stop until the work is done. The trouble is the work is never done.

It reminds me of a comedy sketch, I saw once where the comedienne, was accosted by a street person asking "any spare change?", to which she replied, "I'm not dead yet!, it can only be spare when I die".
Maybe this is your approach to responsibilities and time management. 

But on the long road of self discovery and personal development, sometimes its right to simply stop.
What do I mean by stop? 
I mean a cessation of all, but that which is absolutely necessary.
And why is this important?
It's important because it places you in control of your own life. Rather than continually reacting and responding to the demands outside of you.
You might say "Zulieka, it's easy for you to say simply, stop!, but you don't know all the commitments I have, that would be irresponsible of .me Plus I don't even know how I would begin".

Well, you are correct in saying that I do not know all the commitments that you have, but I do know that there are many who, at some time in their lives have had greater commitments than you do today, . But they are now chronically ill, incapacitated in some way; while others have even had an untimely passing. And each of their commitments and responsibilities will have been assumed by another, or will never again be among their concern.
I do not say this this to induce fearful thoughts to arise within you, but rather to bring a loving challenge to you.
You are valuable, and should place yourself highest up on your list of priorities. Especially in the way you are in a relationship with yourself.
And, as to how you will begin? it must naturally be unique to your own personal circumstances. It could  be a lengthy stop. Or a stop which is  as brief as a 10 minute silent meditation. But,  "Where there is a will, there's a way". Is still very much a true adage.
As for me, I have taken that very necessary time away, and have returned, with a renewed sense of vision, focus and energy for what lies ahead.
Taking care of myself, has expanded my heart to want to give to those I am drawn to serve. 
 And I know, that like me, perhaps you need to be replenished. As 2019 prepares to draw to a close, maybe you need to position yourself. To set aside all the various titles, hats and roles, put them to one side, to stand strong in your truest identity, as "Being". 
Resisting the temptation to get swept away in the frenzy of doing December, and the activity this brings.

Before the month gets into full swing, I encourage you to stop. As a daily practice. Set your own priorities, and your own pace. Be deliberate, measured, intentional and present, in all that you do.
And when you see the swelling ocean of need, and hear the sound of the rushing waves of request and demands. Be sure to see your need, and hear the requesting sound of your inner voice, whispering " first things first"- self love implores.
And you will appear to have been rewarded, when the illusion of  time is miraculously suspended. For all the necessary tasks to be completed. And with a smile to spare. Which will have been your gift to you.
Because the reality is that when we give first things, first priority, everything else really does have a way of falling into place.
And the clarity that this will bring, will assist to usher you in to the new year, with a newly discovered authority.
Now what you do with that authority is very much up to you. But be assured that, although often contrary to popular belief, temporary outward appearances, and even the betrayal of your own personal, emotional persuasion, you truly do have that authority. 

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

And remember to passionately,

L.et O.ur V.oices E.merge