The old has gone. the new has come.

Felt able to look over 2017 with a deep sense of gratitude, and appreciation for the lessons learned, people that have entered my life, opportunities taken, and experiences which have formed memories which will last forever.

Entering this new year with a sense of great expectation. When I send a birthday greeting, i often remark "congratualtions on being one year wiser". This is my sincere objective for my life. To live and to learn. If we are not learning, we are not growing. and if we are not growing, we don't stagnate, as some might suppose, rather we regress.
I just dont have a mental picture of regression for my life. i have a picture of flourishing. vitality and abundant life.
its a birthright. its the design of the creator for all of His amazing creation.
So embracing all that 2018 brings, and considering what contribution I will bring to 2018. 
Making a quality decision in advance to listen, learn and love.

please join me in my 2018 resolve.

Wishing you every sucCess