The month of May was a bit of a whirlwind for me. It was a month of massive action. Some things that I had a desire to do for years, got actioned this month.. 

1. I made my first youtube post. I had a message that I needed to get out, and I just did it. 
2. I dusted off the original manuscript of book that I laid aside for many years, and I put it in the hands of a publisher, who has agreed to work with me on it.
3. I began to share a dream that I have to serve a significant number of people, and others have offered their support to begin to  make it happen.
4. I started a group in my community, to help develop and foster creativity in children and young people.
5. I decided to invest more in important relationships, so I reconnected and  met up with some dear friends after many years.
6. I have become part of a spiritual community, where I am able to make a contribution.
7. I joined a creative community, where I am able to allow my writing gift to be nurtured.
8. I joined  two communities of educators, where resources and social opportunites are available to me and my children.
9. I have successfully supported my husband to step out and make his dream begin to happen.

EXCITED  for what June will bring, or rather what will be brought into the month of June.

I encourage you all to go for it!!!!!