What happened to April? I hear you ask. To be completely honest. I unapologetically, can't even remember.

So determined am I about my new resolve to live in the present. Its the only moment that actually matters. Our commitment to be mindful of the value of this 'current' moment, has the potential to silence any regret of the past, and positively influence our future. 
Don't get me wrong. It does not mean that my April, or your yesterday is irrelevant; or that we don't look back with gratitude on all the good that invariably took place, or take responsibility for the learning that needs to happen as a result of yesterday. But, rather that we be intentional about how we choose to posture, and positon ourselves, 'now', so that the culmination of our past, will set the stage for our best possible tomorrow.

May this be your experience.........

Be well.