When we were children. Long before we had been trained to seek permission or approval. Life was an adventure, full of awe and wonder.
Parents and caregivers, for the most part supported us safely into adulthood. And we remember their guidance for the most part.
We still look both ways before we cross the street, we observe the rules of socially acceptable behaviour, we respect the law of gravity etc.
But more often than not, we experience indecision in life, because we have not given ourselves permission to know what's best for us. We look around, at what others are doing, as an indicator of what's right and best.

What if we would just take the leap of faith. And trust that all of our training actually has brought us to mature adulthood. And that we are now free to choose for ourselves. We need no permission.

What if we could do, be or have whatever we desired?

I give myself permission.

what about you?

Go courageously!!