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Posted by Zulieka Ajimotokin on Wednesday, April 1, 2020,

You are unique. But do you celebrate your difference, or do you shrink back and conform to what is widely accepted and popular?

Where there is diversity, there are opportunities to learn, grow and experience the richness of life.

For many years I worked in the area of Special educational needs, and among other things would be involved in the reviewing of individual educational plans. In the creation of these plans it was necessary to acknowledge the specific learning needs/styles, of a pupi...

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Hip Hip Hooray!

Posted by Zulieka Ajimotokin on Friday, January 10, 2020, In : Celebration 

Hip Hip Hooray!


We have now entered into a new decade. Whoop Whoop.

How is it going so far with your new year resolutions? 

Hopefully by now you are beginning to gain some momentum and traction. I enjoy helping others to experience the success of achieving their goals, but first, It’s important to get things in perspective in order to experience the changes we desire.

Perhaps last year you were dissatisfied with your fitness level, were overweight, and unhappy with how you looked i...

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"May You live all the days of your life"

Jonathan Swift The purpose of this blog is to encourage and inspire readers to live out loud. To live an authentic life, a full life, a life that defies all imagined limitations. A life without regret.