Zulieka was punctual at all our sessions ,mindful of time, organized, providing brilliant assistance, in the process of identifying and achieving my goals. Her professional and upbeat approach motivated me to be more determined in pursuing my goals and to be more conscious about my overall time management.

Coaching helped me to identify and clarify what was really necessary for achieving my goals, in other words to “de-clutter” my mind, diary and environment from anything that is irrelevant and to focus on what is truly necessary in moving forward.

Since I started coaching, I feel empowered, energized, focused and highly committed to achieve the set goals; now I know I can achieve them. I am proactively pursuing the actions and goals, and I am always looking forward for the next session. I have been trying for a long time to overcome procrastination, however through coaching, I am learning to overcome this “bad habit” and I am excited about it

I am so surprised and fascinated by the fact that I have been on track with the agreed actions and that I can achieve the set goals in such a brief time; I am motivated and I can confidently see myself reaching my full potential and goals within the set time."

Danila- UK Architect 

“I have received both individual and group coaching with Zulieka.
I was an overwhelmed Mum spinning the plates of family life with an unfulfilled dream to write, buried deep inside.
I have tangible change, in that a mass of words locked in my head is now typed up and soon to be sent to a publisher. But more than that, I have also obtained a new mind set and increased confidence. I also now feel more equipped in life with new skills such as time management, managing different workloads and meeting deadlines.

Zulieka is so gifted at taking a dream and making a dream a reality. She brought clarity and purpose to my life, by helping me to identify my goals and create a strategy.
She used her humour and wisdom to unlock the potential that was within me. She caused me to challenge my limiting beliefs, about myself as a writer.

I would recommend Zulieka as Coach. She has such a wealth of experience and an infectious positive attitude to life.

Michaelangelo said ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’. I believe we all have potential within to be a better version of self, sometimes we just need a the help of a coach to chip away at all that hinders in order to reach that full potential. Someone to give you clarity on your goals and to help set a strategy to get there. Someone who believes in you, who cheers you on and is with you each step of the way”

Mhairi- Author Italy
"I had coaching sessions with Zulieka with surprising results. As a coaching virgin with limited expectations, I really didn't fully know what the sessions meant, and how I'd benefit from them. I'm happy to say I soon learnt. I found Zulieka's style very easy, calming and most of all productive. I'd been stuck on areas in my life and loved that she afforded me room to think, plan, figure out my next move, and execute tasks in a timely fashion. I didn't feel pressured, I felt supported and inspired to act. The sessions were delivered with no judgment, everything was based around support, encouragement and growth. I've definitely benefited from the sessions and have learnt to break things down into structured time frames, and address unfinished or abandoned projects. You won't regret having a coach in Zulieka. She's amazing with a style that affords you space and solutions.
Rochelle- UK Youth Mentor - no longer a coaching virgin".
“ Zulieka is a very grounded and heart-centred coach. Being with her gave me the feeling that’s ok to trust life simply because everything will unfold just at the right time. There was no need to rush anything. Zulieka gave me the space and time to discover myself in a supportive and caring way. Apart from being an amazing coach, Zulieka is an inspirational human being. I recommend Zulieka highly as a coach.”

Corina- UK Transformational Coach

"Every individual, at some point in their lives, has ambition and desires towards improving their livelihood. Similarly I had a certain aim which I could not implement on my own.

Zulieka helped me to develop a strategy, to look differently on life, to understand my genuine desires, rather than those imposed by public opinion and  values other than my own.
Each coaching session added to my confidence, that I was going in the right direction, which was exactly what I needed. 

The questions that she asked prompted me to think, research and learn how to get rid of barriers hindering the achievement of my goals.

Zulieka helped me to achieve my aim much faster and more effectively than I could ever have done on my own".

Yarnya- UK Probation Officer

"I have found my experience of coaching with Zulieka inspiring and challenging at the same time. 
I was very uncertain at first about the coaching sessions, and how I could benefit from it. It challenged me to search for the answers practically. revealing the many different ways that I could approach the goal.
Zulieka has helped me to find clarity in situations that I found very challenging to deal with, without pressure, she created an atmosphere of attentiveness and used the time to help me find the answers to questions I needed answering.
I have learned valuable skills around my decision making process, and I now find myself using the same process as I go about my everyday life. 
Zulieka has helped me to feel empowered, and as a result of this I am more confident in my ability to achieve my daily goals".
Sapphira- UK Nurse